eWAKA is a platform for commuter and commercial micro-mobility fleets. We combine hardware, software and servicing to respond to the increasing urban transportation needs on the continent while addressing the major climate challenges of this critical sector. Through our integrated platform solution approach we will eliminate many of the operational challenges that normally occur for the e-mobility business.


About Us

Founded in September 2021, eWAKA is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Kenya. eWAKA is a mobility technology company focused on electric vehicles specifically configured to increase productivity and customer utility.

eWAKA Core Values

Making Last Mile Transport Effortless

  • A green, zero-carbon choice for a new Africa. One eWAKA at a time. One kilometer at a time
  • Opportunities for individual users and corporate fleets to make the switch to affordable & flexible plans
  • A community of socially, financially, and environmentally post-carbon citizens for a greener and better Africa
  • Join the transition. Let’s make last-mile transport effortless and enjoyable,  together

Go Green Corporate

Corporate partnerships for like-minded businesses in the hospitality and delivery sectors

  • Dedicated & branded electric fleets for Corporates, Hotels, Parks & Residential Complexes  
  • Turnkey ride share solutions for workplaces, residential buildings, hotels, cities and parks
  • Dedicated & branded electric scooters and bikes for deliveries  
  • A mobile app (in development) to measure how much CO2 you save by partnering with eWAKA

Go Green Personal

  • Flexible rental, subscription and purchase plans to help you meet your commute, personal well-being and net-zero targets





Our products are environmentally friendly


We ensure economic and technological development through local production of EV


We offer sustainable, clean and safe means of mobility

 We have a fleet of 225 vehicles across all models.

eWAKA motorcycles are built for city and rural commutes as well as last-mile delivery. The vehicle, its battery-swapping ecosystem as well the retrofit kits for converting internal combustion engine motorcycles, are well-tested

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